Our Brand

In 2019, Asia Orphan aimed to help people by creating global collaborations for the treatment of orphan diseases, because everyone has the right to health.

Our company, which has been operating since its establishment so that people with orphan diseases can access pharmaceutical medicines with appropriate treatments, is already a glimmer of hope for thousands of patients.

Our company has expanded its product portfolio over time and has become one of the leading suppliers in consumer health and dietary supplements as well as orphan drugs.

Our company, which is the official supplier of the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association and the Social Security Institution in pharmaceutical medicines, especially orphan drugs, works with distinguished clinics, pharmacies, and suppliers of consumer health and supplement products. 


Our Vision

ASIA ORPHAN has a vision of facilitating access to orphan drugs and products of consumer health for various treatment areas without compromising its sustainability and quality understanding, and in this context, to be a supplier that is loyal to the standards of national and international health authorities.

Ethical Values

Humanistic Approach

As the ASIA ORPHAN family, we value humanity and add up all our elements on human values. Our priority is always to improve people’s quality of life and to reach out to people in need of treatment with a professional approach. 


We believe that a great future will exist with the right use of resources and environmentally friendly sustainable solutions. We take care that our business partners are in this perspective, while we prioritize the principles of environmental sustainability and rational resource use by considering the next generations in our business processes.

Continuous Improvement

We closely monitor the developing technology and the ever-increasing product variety, and have innovative ideas in every step of our workflow. We are improving our research and development activities day by day so that our patients and end users can benefit from innovative developments in the field of medicine on a global scale in the fastest and most reliable way.